Fast pay
fast friends!


Keep track of your belongings. Set automated reminders
to your friends. Know who owes you what and increase your
chances to get them back!

Why should i use it?

Remember how happy and spontaneously generous we feel when helping out a friend or lending tools or a book. Well that feeling fades away quickly when you suddenly need those things back. The embarrassing moment when you ask for these items back often makes you feel like you are begging them back. The truth is that in most cases, you never get those back. Small and sometimes huge amounts of money are almost certainly never to be seen again. No more shaming when requesting your belongings, use our app to send friendly reminders directly using SMS.

What is it for?

We often forget stuff that we give or lend to people, especially if its small things. Finally an app that allows me to know when I lend an item or money to a friend. Keeping track of who and when friends and people borrow stuff away has never been easier. Send customizable reminders to your friends or customers. Request payments from friends and customers using our programmable friendly reminders. know exactly what people owe you and items you might need!

How to use it?

It’s actually pretty easy! Simply register through the app, fill in the blanks and send requests! You can also send your preferred payment methods and a link to that method will be sent to your friend or customer. It takes the hassle away from having to ask and most of the time, avoid confronting your friends. Plan the reminders to an upcoming date. Know exactly if you should lend more or simply stop lending by keeping track of everything you lend away. A cool thing is that your friends don’t need the app to receive your notifications! It will be sent as an SMS. From there they can also download the app and request their own belongings! Simple really!


Doesn’t need to be downloaded by your friends in order to work! But we are pretty sure they will like to use it as well!